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Importance of Canonical Tag in SEO – [2020]

Canonical URL is an Important element in SEO. Canonical URL helps to choose the right URL version (or) pick the right URL among multiple URLs of in a particular post or page.

In general, there are so many duplicated URLs are harm your SEO ranking in Google. When multiple URLs are redirected to a Specific page or post, Google will treat those content as Duplicate content. Due to this reason, Google will not rank your website.

To avoid these problems you need to implement Conical Tag in each webpage.

The conical element is an HTML attribute that helps to prevent Duplicate Content  issues

If you have the similar web version like www and non-www version pages then rel-conical points specific version page to search engine. These method helps to Improve Your SEO. you can see below example for better under Standing

Conical link  Element is similar to 301 redirects,in 301 redirect the Whole page content is redirected to another webpage or path. But with conical tag content will not move to another page, content is with n its self but Selects a specific version page.

Conical Link Element For Pagination:

You need to remember one thing while you are doing pagination. pagination means move page segment to another segment of the Same page like page1—–>page 2. In this case, you need to use this conical link Element.

<link rel=”canonical” href=”” />

<link rel=”next” href=”https://” />

How to Use This Conical Tag In WordPress:

For conical tag implementation in WordPress, you need to use the Yoast SEO plug-in.It is the most recommended plug-in For SEO implementation on your website.

Yoast SEO Always takes your page or post URL as a Default Conical link You don”t need to change it.


                                     <link rel=“canonical” href=“URL” />


Other you are using any PHP  or Html  based website, you need to place conical tag at the Header section of your website.

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