Best WordPress plugins For SEO – (2020)


The best WordPress plugins can uplift your website Performance in greater Level. These Top WordPress plugins Recommend by Millions of bloggers around the world. You can download and Install these WordPress plugins for Free, but if you need additional functionality for these Plugins Upgrade to Pro version.


Best SEO plugins Recommended for every WordPress website 2019

  1. Yoast by SEO
  2. TinyMCE Advanced
  3. UpdraftPlus – Backup/Restore
  4. W3 total cache
  5. Wp super cache
  6. Smush- Image Compression Plugin
  7. Social Warfare
  8. Contact Form 7

WordPress is an Awesome and easy CMS based web platform compared with other cms based platforms.

Best WordPress Plugins For WordPress Updated 2019

There are so many web development companies develop WordPress Plugins both free and paid versions.

The paid version plugins do some additional functions and Support compared with free plugins.

 In this article, I would like to suggest a few best WordPress plugins the makes WordPress website Functionality much easier

1.Yoast SEO

This is an All in One WordPress Plugin recommended by Millions of bloggers across the World.

This plugin suggests content recommendations make your content SEO friendly and Read proof.

This plugin also contains Integrations of Google search console, Sitemap, Url preview and many More you simply loved it. You can include the Targeted keywords and Meta descriptions here.

< Download Yoast SEO Plugin >

2.TinyMCE Advanced:

TinyMCE Advanced is a Visual editor plugin you must add additional classic editor plugin in to make it use it.

After Installation of this plugin, click on TinyMCE advanced Plugin in settings; here it contains multiple buttons need for your post.

Simply drag and drop the buttons to the toolbar, click on save changes.

< Download Tinymce Advanced Plugin >

3.W3 total cache:

W3 total cache is a WordPress plugin improve your SEO experience, make your website Load Faster, It also includes features Like Content delivery Network, etc.

W3 total cache Minifies CSS, HTML, javascript Files on your website, make them load faster in server.

The pro version of W3 total cache includes many more features.

< Download W3 total cache Plugin >

4.UpdraftPlus –Backup/Restore

UpdraftPlus Makes your website backup and Restoration easier for free. UpdraftPlus Schedule backup WordPress Plugin. UpdraftPlus is a One of Most Recommended wordpress backup plugin 

You can create your back up of your database files with few clicks. You can directly back up your file into Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon S3.

The paid version users can get backups into Microsoft One Drive, Google Cloud, and More.

Free WordPress Plugin For Backup

Why should We Backup our website?

The CMS based website has more chances to hack, crash due to bad Plugins, Theme Updates, etc. You may lose your data and Money being invested.

The backup helps to restores all Your Files.

< Download UpdraftPlus Plugin >

5.Social Warfare:

Social Warfare is a Social sharing plugin; here you can add custom share buttons you choose. Like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin.

Like Facebook, Instagram Linked In, Pinterest, Whatsapp, etc.

Simply drag and drop the buttons you. You can make buttons sticky or bottom of the post etc.

< Download Social Warfare Plugin >

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