Smiple Steps to Fix Breadcrumbs SEO Solution 2020

breadcrumbs SEO

Recently Google featured a new category in Google search console i.e. Breadcrumbs.
Before that most bloggers doesn’t have an idea about breadcrumbs, but now Google makes it as a important On-page SEO factor for website,that we have to learned in this article.

What is breadcrumbs in SEO ?

Breadcrumb is a small navigation path that shows where they are in the website. The Breadcrumb is schema mark-up for your content page and your website. It structures all your pages, posts, categories with proper arrangement.
General form of Breadcrumb SEO schema

Best Approaches to Fix Breadcrumbs SEO Navigation

Method 1: Using Yoast SEO

Breadcrumbs SEO implementation now easy with the help of Yoast SEO wordpress Plugin. The Yoast SEO has an in built feature in it but you need to enable it manually.
Now I can explain it step by step..

In order to impelement breadcrumbs on your website you need to install either Yoast SEO (or) Rankmath wordpress Plugin

I personally recommnends Yoast SEO because it served well with many other on page SEO faunctions.
Now login into your wordpress dashboard and click on Yoast

Then click on search appearance

Then click on Breadcrumbs, then it show all breadcrumb settings, Most probably breadcrumb are disable, you need to Click on Enable Breadcrumbs it and Click on Save Changes.
Then Breadcrumb settings are applied to all your Whole website.

Method 2: Breadcrumb Navxt

In this method you need to Intsall Breadcrumb Navxt in your website.Then enable it using Breadcrumb Navxt.
After enable the Breadcrumb settings you need to install Breadcrumb Javascript Code in header.php file.
The java script code Shown below

Method 3: Using Rank math Plugin
Ranking is a most powerful plugin for your on page SEO. The Main advantage of this plugin is it shows SEO score of your particular page or post.

How to Speed Up wordpress ?

Now you can speed up your website by wp rocket plugin or using cloud service for your website Host.

What is the best wordpress Plugin for speed up wordpress website

wp rocket is the most popular and useful plugin for sppedup wordpress website.

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