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SEO Competitor analysis Guide – (2020)

Every one has Question about how to do competitor analysis and how it affects your website ranking.

In this digital world, you need to understand one thing, that is every business is either getting business from sales or else get revenue from the service base.

SEO Competitor Analysis Checklist 2019

Every business online presence is having competition, in this competitive field with the help of regular method of SEO is not an effective approach for Improve your website ranking, you need to go for few advanced and Reverse engineering methods that help to boost your website ranking fast and more Productive.

What is Reverse engineering In SEO ?

Competitor analysis is also referred to as reverse engineering. It includes all your competitor activity like backlinks, targeted keywords, and other website based tools that your competitor used.

Competitor backlinks: The competitor backlinks are the best approach for rank your website fast in the search engine. There are so many free and premium backlinks checker tools are available online.

Like  Aherfs, SEMrush, etc. The free backlinks checker SEO tools provide limited backlinks. But premium tools give more additional features like referring domains, anchor texts. The domain type whether it is do-follow or no-follow and all your competitor backlinks.

Competitor keywords:  your competitor is already picked the best keywords for his business, you need to include competitor keywords in your website that help to Increase your SEO performance. But you need to Keyword research for your website because that gives clear information about which keywords having more searches and competition level. That helps  you to take your SEO into the next level.

But in few business services or sales based websites, the website design is also matters.The proper alignment of widgets and contact forms are caused to get more leads and improve the business growth.

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