Free Ping Submission sites List- (2020)


What is Pinging?

Pinging is meant to send a notification to the search engine robots (or)spiders to crawl the newly added page or post.

Generally pinging urls is the off page submission technique for faster indexing the backlinks.


Why pinging is Important?

Basically, search engines count the backlinks whenever the backlinks are indexed in major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Whenever your backlinks are indexed then only the link juice will be passed to your website. Due to this reason, indexing is so much important when you are doing off page submission for your website.

Top Ping Submission sites

  • Pingomatic
  • My page rank


Pingomaic is a most popular ping service website, it Updates various search engines whenever a new blog is updated. Pingomaic is developed by WordPress foundation and it is the free source.

My page rank

My page rank is free ping submission site for index your page/post in search engine fast. In this website, you just simply submit URL in the field.

Top Ping Submission sites List 2019


Note: Few websites are do n’t index your backlinks, off page submission on those websites is wasted stuff. Keep cross check all your backlinks after few days of submission, ignore the non-indexed links.

Submission of your backlinks in these pinging submission sites will help you to index your backlinks fast and Increase your website rankings search engine.

Each Pinging submission site having a bulk list of websites, whenever you submit your backlinks in these websites all the websites promote your backlinks to Index faster.

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