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Google analytics Guide for Beginners- [2020]

Google analytics is a web analytics service is helps to track and optimize any website performance.The Google analytics have multiple tools to track the behavior of our website in Online. You can track the performance of multiple websites performance from one Dashboard.

Google analytics – (A- z) Guide

First, you need to signup for Google analytics with your Gmail account. Then add your website details and website type and Choose your local time zone and select all the required fields and click on Get Tracking ID.

Copy the Google Analytics Code and paste the code in the Header section of your website.


Tracking code


Then save file.

In case if you are using WordPress then you can make use of Google analytics Plugin that makes your work can track the website performance in the plugin dashboard.

Now I would like to provide detail information about the Google analytics elements.

Important Elements In Google Analytics Dashboard



This filed is helped you to create a new dashboard and track the activity of All users on your website. you can also prepare custom reports for your website.

Custom Report: this custom report contains Filters, views of only one particular website.

Saved Reports: This section consists all the saved reports information.

Bounce Rate: Bounce rate is always specified on and average how many visitors leave your website/total visitors in less time duration. As per the basis of SEO, metrics bounce rate should be minimum (~<25%). If the Bounce rate is high means visitors are not interested to read your website. Because of multiple reasons like

  •  Too many popup ads.
  • Poor landing-page experience
  • Not having read proof content,
  • website design is not good.

If you are willing to get money with Google Adsense perform the key role.

Audience: You can track the audiences on your website.

Track the audience When do your users visit your website on the date, time, day in a week etc.

You can also monitor the location overviews like from which countries you are getting visitors, an overview of visitors sessions by device type like Desktop, laptop, Mobile etc.

Google analytics also reports from which browsers you are getting traffic from.

This Article contains total Outline information about Google analytics. Google analytics is helping to improve your website ranking in Google. Thanks for reading this article.


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