How to make money from Youtube videos – [2020]

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Here I would like to share a few things about earn money with Youtube videos Monetization. Nowadays so many people can earn money through YouTube videos. If you want to become a professional YouTuber and earn money from that here. I will give a few tips to make money from Youtube videos.

Make Money from Youtube

The Google make simplify the youtube monetization process because of encourage new kind of information for users.But youtube polices and terms changed in last few years because of Copyrights and other factors.

What is Video Monetization?

Monetization is nothing but enabling ads in YouTube videos.

Create a YouTube channel in any particular niche

Ex: Entertainment, Sports, Motivation, Education, Technology etc

How you can start ?

whenever you start to become a YouTuber make it as a hobby. If you don’t have enough budget then you can use mobile selfi for making videos. have a budget to spend money then you can purchase a DSLR camera and Mike.


  • Make videos on a new niche that make your channel as a brand.
  • Initially, you need to concentrate on content. Make sure if your video has great content then make your videos virally on social media.
  • Be consistent In your work
  • Use catchy keywords or title for your video.


  • Don’t upload copy videos

How much money do you make per 1,000 views on youtube?

The revenue gets from your video depends on so many factors.

Mostly Youtube will pay money 1-10$ for a thousand may vary depends on how many adds will appear on your videos and also depends on how much time a visitor spend on watching your video.

Google will pay you money base on Geo-locations if your YouTube video got views from various countries your payout should be more. Because video ad policies are different in each country.

Most of the people think that if our channel has more subscribers then only we can get more money not like that. That only depends on how many ads are appeared in your videos. The ads are

on-stream ads,

skip ads

Note: Make your video has min 5 min duration that helps the increase your Revenue.

Revenue of your videos does not depends on Likes and Dislikes and Subscribers.

Mostly if you have more subscribers for your channel then it can help to get more views for your videos

How you can get paid?

  •  Login in to your YouTube account with your Gmail.
  • Create a channel on YouTube.
  • Upload videos In your account
  • Go to YouTube settings on the right side.
  • Click on View additional features
  • Select  Monetization (appeared on Left side)

Youtube monetization requirements:

when your YouTube channel reaches the 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers in Last 12 months. After that Google will review your account. After that, you need to Signup your Google Adsense with your Youtube channel. After a few days, Google will send a approval or disapproval mail to your gmail account based on YouTube guidelines.

Your YouTube video earnings will reflect in the Adsense account. You can withdraw your money in the 3rd week of Next month. Google will pay your money after successful completion of 100$.

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