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Top On-page SEO Techniques and Checklist (2020)

on page SEO techniques

On-page SEO is an important element in SEO for both website ranking and online business growth, over the last few years google makes so many changes in SEO algorithms.

Google officially said 200 ranking factors are affecting SEO, but few important On-page SEO techniques give a Significant contribution to improving your SEO process or approach.

On-page optimization is the most effective factor to increase your search Traffic and increase your website rankings in Google.

over the last few years, Google has changed their Algorithms updates like the panda, penguin and Hummingbird update. Google has made changes in Algorithms for providing the best results in search results.

The On-page optimization is the key factor for improving your website in a certain level without building any backlinks to our website. But better off-page optimization is key to ranking in Google for the first page.

Best On-page SEO Practices (2020)

Here I will mention the best important On-page SEO practices for 2020

  1. High-Quality content
  2. Titles and Meta descriptions
  3. URL structure
  4. Heading and sub-Headlines
  5. Page Speed
  6. External Linking
  7. Internal linking

High-Quality Content: High-Quality Content is the key to rank faster in Google, Research says long content framed articles are ranked well in google in the last few months. Make sure your article should be 800 words above.
Must avoid  duplicate content and spun content.

2) Titles and Meta description:

Titles and Meta descriptions very most important in SEO, Google prioritize your page whenever the user search terms matched with the content, like page titles meta description and more. Make sure you need to place Targeted keyword should be in title and description.

URL structure:
Google primarily understands the content based on the URL structure. I hope in most cases short URLs are ranked well in Google.

Heading and sub-Headlines
In general, Headlines tell what the content is all about, make sure your page headings should be persuasive, that helps to user reads the whole page content spends more time on your page.

Page Speed
Page speed is an important element in both SEO and SEM. If your website pretty slower in loads Google does not recommends your website to the first page in Google.

In general WordPress websites are a bit slower because of more plugins and images. Take the help of wp rocket or CDN implementation is helps to load your website faster.

I recommend making use of wp rocket WordPress plugin, this works better without touch any code

Internal linking:

Internal linking helps you to improve page authority and drive traffic to other pages on your website, and it also helps to reduce bounce rate. The good internal linking approach helps to attract the google eye when you have the least competition.

External linking:

External linking means to promote other webpage content in your webpage/post. It helps to give excessive information to use from your improves website domain authority and page authority.

On-page Analysis Tools:

Mobile friendly: Over the last few months Google has focused on users’ mobile-friendly experience, because more than 70% of users around the world, users browse their content in mobile devices.

Due to this reason, Google will give more priority to mobile-friendly websites. Make sure your website design compatible with all versions of mobile devices. You can perform the mobile Friendly test using this link.
Mobile-friendly test

Page speed: The better landing page experience it helps to engage more audience on your website. Google likes more your website is load under 2-3 seconds.
If you are using WordPress platform then use the W3 total cache or wp Supercache WordPress helps you to load your website fast.

Alt Tags for images: whenever Googlebot crawls your website, it reads all elements in your website like text, CSS, images, coding and many more that are include in your website.
Whenever you upload images on the website assign an alt name for each image. it helps Googlebot identify images on your page.

Images compression: Generally images occupy more space compared to Text on your website. High-quality images take more time to load. Image compression plugins and tools are more helpful to reduce image size.
WordPress there are many popular image compression plug-ins are available.
Smush is a most popular WordPress plugin for compress all images in your whole Website.

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