Best Methods to Speed up WordPress website [2020]

speed up wordpress

All of we know website speed is the most important element in both search engine optimization and Search engine Marketing (Google ads).In General Most of the WordPress websites are pretty Slow in Nature.

In this article, I will mention a few important factors that will increase the WordPress website Speed.

Speed up WordPress Best SEO Practice?

As per Google ranking factors website speed is an Important Factor. Whenever any user clicks on your link on SERP results, and landed on your website, if your website takes more time to load components of your website, then the user doesn’t show interest to revisit your website.

Best ways to Speed up WordPress

  1. Using CDN(Content Delivery Network)
  2. Optimize Images
  3. Enable Gzip Compression
  4. Using Right Hosting packing
  5. Minify CSS,JavaScript,Html Elements.

Using CDN:  The Content delivery network helps to loads your website faster in Google. There are many CDN plugins are Available,you can choose and Install any free CDN Plugin.

 In Most cases, Pro CDN plugins facilitate better service than free ones. I recommend Cloudflare service to speed up your WordPress website.

Optimize Images:

Image compression is a Most effective factor compared to other page load factors Because Images take more space compared to other Files like CSS,javascript, etc.

I recommend smush pro and Short pixel plugins work well compared to others. These plugins help to compress images bulk automatically.

Enable Gzip Compression

Gzip compression means to compress your WordPress file size in your server, That helps to load your WordPress website faster.

To implement this process ask your developer to do that, Otherwise, you are familiar with web server elements you can do it on your own risk.

Using Right Hosting packing:

The right hosting helps you to improve server uptime in the Hosting database, and that also helps to crawl faster.

Minify CSS,JavaScript,Html Elements:

Minify helps to optimize your code elements(CSS,javascript, HTML), It removes unwanted spaces, characters and that helps to load Faster. Make use of Wp rocket WordPress plugin, it is a one-stop solution for increase WordPress website speed.

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