Make Money From Affiliate Marketing (2020)


Affiliate Marketing means earning commission with promoting products in Online.

The  Most popular Online shopping companies like Amazon,eBay Flipkart offers affiliate programs for cross-selling their products.

Let’s dive into

what is Affiliate Marketing?

[Image Source: Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income  ]In and around the world so many bloggers make money with the use of these affiliate programs.


Affiliate marking is a method of Revenue sharing to the Referral when the product is sold through him.

Here you can earn passive income by getting more sales from your affiliate products conversions. The commission value is different in each affiliate program

The E-commerce platform websites (Amazon, Flipkart,eBay) mentioned their affiliate commission rates in Affiliate program panel.

How can I get stated Affiliate Marketing?

Most of the e-commerce websites are provides affiliate programs for publishers. Publishers are signed up into these affiliate programs and select their desired product and Generate an affiliate code or Link for the specific Products.

you need to place affiliate link or code in your website or blog where you want to display them.

If you are familiar with WordPress e-commerce theme that makes your work easier. You need to Install few plugins that perform Affiliate link clocking and for proper alignment of products.

What Niche should better for us?

You can choose any kind of products from wide range of Categories, but you have remembered one thing in your mind you need to target one specific product and that gives more conversions and that generate passive income into your affiliate Wallet.

Ex: Electronics,Fashion,Health etc

Most websites promote their business with Affiliate Marketing strategy. Affiliate Marketing is the easiest way to get a sale in online Medium. It could not be cost effective compared other offline media networks like Newspapers or Television Ads.

In the Affiliate Marketing case, both online Merchants and Referrals get passive income.

The Popular Online shopping Affiliate programs forget commissions from the sale.

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Amazon Affliate program :

Amazon is the world’s largest Affiliate program  for promote products in Online. The chart of commission rates of various products is Amazon affiliate program website. :


 Flipkart Affiliate Program 

Flipkart is the one the most popular Affiliate programs in India.The commission rates of New Customers/existing customers orders is Available in Official website

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